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Privacy Policy

We recognize the importance of privacy with regard to our customers. It is necessary that we have access to certain personal information in order that we can fulfill orders and news updates.

The key points of our privacy policy are:

We do not disclose customer information to third parties other than when order details are processed as part of the order fulfillment.
All online transactions are processed using secure server facilities.
We never send unsolicited sales emails.

Our Privacy Policy in more detail:

We require two types of information to process an order; your name, address and other contact details that are required for delivery, and secondly the details of the payment mechanism you are using i.e. credit card number, expiry date etc.

For online orders any credit card details are stored on a secure server with encryption technology used to ensure they cannot be viewed by anyone else. The exception to this is PayPal which has a different way of handling private information. If you have a PayPal account you will have been made aware of how its system works.

If you are checking out through the shopping cart you will notice a small check box titled ‘Remember my name and address for my future purchases’. If you check this box a small file called a cookie will record the name, address, phone etc. details and will be able to pre-insert them next time you visit thus saving you time. The cookie will not save any payment information such as card number, this will always have to be re-entered when you order online. It is possible to stop any cookies recording such information from your PC by setting ‘disable’ through the control panel. If this has been done then setting the check box to remember your details will not work.

Once your order has processed successfully your personal details are handled as follows:

All information including payment details is held for three months in case there is a problem with your purchase and you need to refund or exchange.

If you have set the Remember Me option in the shopping cart then your personal details are retained, but not including credit card details.
Your personal details may be retained for longer if you are waiting for a back order or have asked to be informed of new releases etc.
You can at anytime contact us to have all or part of your personal information removed from our system.
We do not disclose customer information to third parties other than when order details are processed as part of the order fulfillment, for example courier services.

If you have ordered online from us we do not, unlike some companies, add your email address to a mail list with the purpose of sending you unsolicited sales emails in the future. We only send out product information if you specifically ask for it.

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